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Youth Exchange in Campina, Romania

9 November 2023

From 19th until 30th April, the Macedonian group of participants had great Erasmus+ project experience in Campina, Romania. The project “In Harmony with Nature” elaborated the issue of climate change which requires immediate attention. There is an urgent need to scale up activity on adaptation and resilience at all scales due to the escalating consequences of climate change on all socioeconomic sectors and natural systems in all parts of the world. The project has taken on this challenge knowing that altering behavior is notoriously challenging but believing that education is a potent tool in empowering individuals, boosting voluntary action, and assisting people through the transition so they understand and accept climate change and take appropriate adaptation action to face it. The project was entirely based on the principles of non-formal education, the essence of which, is to combine a specific action with the conscious reflection of the learner.

To learn more about the project, please check the project information given below.