A company helping refugees – CHOBANI

From October 9th – 15th the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the Civil Society Policy Forum of World Bank were taking place at Washington DC. This massive event went through numerous topics and elaborated so many questions, but they also did not miss the topic of refugees and how the migrations and the refugee crisis influence the world nowadays. It was the way how they approached this truly sensitive topic at IMF. I truly liked the positive story brought to the event which aimed to tell us the story about the importance of acceptance of refugees, the importance of their skills and their knowledge, and in bringing up a success story. Hamdy Ulukaya, the CEO of CHOBANI was the interviewed guest with his extraordinary story about the founding of CHOBANI yoghurt company and making it a great brand in America.

Through the wonderful story of founding the company as a rising star from zero to becoming a major success, Mr. Ulukaya also spoke about the situation of being refugee, and all of the difficulties he faced in his life. Picturing America as a place for his success story, the narrative of the talk continued with his current efforts to create impact on the society he lives in.

I was amazed to learn that CHOBANI is a company that engages refugees, having 300 refugee employees at the moment. It is astonishing to meet people who personally and professionally have such social responsibility and are able to tackle the societal challenges on a high level. It was truly inspiring to hear more from this leader, this visionary who invests so much effort in improving the life of people.

Inspired and motivated, this story and this real life effort have been one more prove to what I see as a contribution to the society of this blog. I am hoping people to be able to learn, people to be able to create and people to be able to foresee the social challenges and contribute towards solving them. Only our good actions will create a change, a change that will improve the quality of our life, the life of all people!