Romania trip

This blog is a story about us, about the people who accept and the people who think twice. Let’s be the people who think twice. Actually, I went in Romania to a training course for youth workers. We created strategies and worked, but that was not the biggest impact that I took from there. At this event I met great people. I met people who are migrants, people who work with refugees, people who believe in a great future and people who build their future in a better place. I met people who were teaching me about life only by living it. These people were my role models, a guide about the importance of acceptance of every person, about the individuality and the importance of each of us as citizens of this world. They were teaching me how they fight injustice in their new countries, they were so strong that their energy transfers and transcends every time I think about them. They taught me about reality, but also, they taught me that being brave and educated cannot be combat by any government, any media or any force existing. They taught me that inspiration and motivation comes from within, that people are created to love each other and help each other. Now I believe that no refugee is a treat to the society. Refugees are only people like all of us, and as there are people who would like to harm society among us (if we, the regular citizens are called ‘us’), there are also people like that on their side. I see a lot of factors influencing our minds and understanding, but I also see the key role of media influence in the entire concept.

“I advocate for transparent and relevant information, I advocate for responsible media, the ones that present the truth. I work with youth to educate them about the refugee crisis.” – I said to Hakim. And the idea was born! In October 2017 I am looking at the outstanding 10 organizations from entire Europe working towards raising awareness on refugee crisis and speaking about the role of media as a strong relevant element. This project aims to educate leaders of 10 countries about the issues related to migrations and refugee, and bring a new mindset and approach to inclusion.


And here, my Romanian story ends. And my Refugee Partnership Trip continues…