Luxembourg, you are colorful!

May 10th, late evening arriving in Luxembourg City. After a long sleepless drive from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Luxembourg Gare Central, I am thinking about the society we live in. There are 20 days before the start of our project “Be the change”, Erasmus+ youth exchange, involving people from 5 different countries who will work on the topics of refugee crisis and media influence on this situation. The driver of the company, definitely not a Luxembourg native, welcomes me in the bus with the most friendly face. I look at the people and see their faces, it is all mixed, it is all colorful, it is all beautiful! People migrate, people go from one place to another, accidents happen to people and change their lives… Then I think about our upcoming project and what we have to offer to the young people who will come there. I look at the opportunities for development rather than the treads, since media creates something that influences societies very strongly. I am trying to manage to stay sober in this media influence world and see the bigger picture. How is it possible a person in trouble to be a person representing a treat. I am thinking about those people who look for help, those people who suffer together with their families. This is not the world we imagine! This is not humanity! Is it possible that we managed to create a society driven by media? A society in which what is said or written on social media or video is more relevant than the real situation? I think it is!

In this phase, I arrive in Luxembourg City Gare Central. My people welcome me and we continue to the next few days of experiencing the intercultural, the colorful Luxembourg. I point out once more, this is only my subjective view!!! I do not claim anything, I only express my views on this blog! I believe that the more intercultural the community, the free the people are. I see here an oasis, a place untouched by the stereotypes created by refugee crisis, I see here people working and living together, and most of all, respecting each other. This is the society we should live in.

While in my country a lot of situations were taking place, I managed to spend time and learn about the life of Luxembourg. I managed to learn that they are so polite and friendly, that they know how to live. Migrants in this small country are more than welcomed, they are citizens, they are supporters, they are creators of the joint Luxembourgish future. This is their legacy.

I was able to learn about the importance of integrative processes in one society, just by being able to have a sneak peak at it for only few days. Luxembourg story is a story of the future Europe, it is the story where refugees are given the place of every other citizen, a place at the university, a scholarship, basic living conditions.

I wrap up with one of the most inspiring statements that guided me to think deeper and work on the topic of media influence on refugee crisis:

“We have the means to help those fleeing from war, terror and oppression,” he said. “Migration must change from a problem to be tackled to a well managed resource.” (The European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, calls on European Union member states to accept 160,000 asylum-seekers from war-torn countries.)