When at WEBIT!!!

GET INNOVATION Bitola was part of the biggest digital event in Europe! With this, we are adding up to the value of the digital knowledge of the organization. 2 days full of information about augmented reality, digital revolution, artificial intelligence, innovations, marketing strategies oriented towards consumers, genius minds talking about extremely innovative strategies and approaches and so much more! And of course, extreme possibilities for networking and presenting to people about the projects of GET INNOVATION, but also, gathering new ideas for future cooperations and development of new concepts.

During the”Founders Game” Webit invested in health innovation. What this brings to the digital revolution we live in?
“Founders Game” is part of the event in which 2500 startups have applied, and 150 of them have been selected to present themselves at Webit. These people have outstanding ideas which they turned into reality, and we were able to meet at least 50 of them!

Two things to think about until the upcoming Webit 2018, the first one, very small number of women leaders in tech as speakers, and very small number of Macedonians attending this event. Every IT organization needs to pay attention to this event! The people can learn so much and can attend a unique experience related to the digital world.
Looking forward to next edition. So exited to see what Webit 2018 will bring!