Day 5 – Facebook strategies and visit to Gaming hub!

Everyone met Ana at the first day, but no one new she is a Facebook wizard :)) So the first session of the fifth day was dedicated on the Facebook appearance and promotional strategies, basically, creating organization’s brand on Facebook. In addition, a call from Hungary marked the second workshop of the morning session. Zlatko Sterjovski was having his “Beme and Snapchat workshop” via Skype! This was a cool way to learn about Snapchat, the application that young people are obsessed with.

The second part of the day was reserved to see how digitalization works in real life. The visit to Kamai Media company and the gaming hub HIVE offered the representatives a new set of companies and organizations that work and succeed in Bitola. In these two organizations the young people from Bitola and the region are able to learn more about ICT and creation of online games, as well as they are able to attend the yearly event Global Game Jam Macedonia. All of the participants were amazed by the two visits, and transferred great experience to their countries. After the visit, GET INNOVATION Bitola also built its first gaming simulation station.

The day was rounded with the Romanian country presentation night. Besides presenting their country, Romanians also presented their organization, the history of the organization and the projects they currently work on.