Day 4 – Into the internet technology tools and the INNOVATIONS UNIVERSE!

Meeting Ms. Karolina Nedelkovska, an English language professor and a ICT mentor for teachers was the great start of the fourth day of the project. The representatives were able to test their knowledge of various communication applications, as well as interesting tools for presentations and creating quizzes, and tools for research in the non- formal education. Online interactive platforms were also presented to the participants.

The second part of the day was dedicated on cloud computing. Everyone practiced their cloud computing skills by using Dropbox and Google Drive. Everyone tried to create their digital flash drive and manage how they will use it.

In addition, the participants met Blagoj Nikodinovski, patent and inventions creator, Winner of the Business Innovation Award in Macedonia. Blagoj talked about DATHUTS, an innovation done on the Adidas snickers, using a magnetic field.

To round the day, the Macedonian country presentation night was held. Playing traditional dance “Oro” and teaching everyone how they should dance was great!