Day 3 – Intercultural experience and digital world!

The summer season and the project atmosphere contributed to a common decision of all participants to organize a trip to Ohrid. The third day needed to elaborate more ICT tools and improve skills of participants, as well as encourage them to work on the project outputs. Exactly these activities led to the idea of organizing the trip to Ohrid! During the trip, participants were able to discuss possible ICT tools that they have been using, they also practiced photography skills and talked about various software on which they can share big photos and big files as, and

The project outputs, the needs to create a project video and testimonials, as well as possible ways how to deliver knowledge in the countries and the young people were discussed.

The materials of the project, the brochure for a “Connected world” provided by the EU Commission was a great reference for all participants to think of possibilities to share the information about the Digital Agenda for Europe to businesses, students, innovators, startups and educational institutions.