Day 1 – Improve your digital skills, it is essential!

During the first day of the project the participants were involved in activities that helped them get to know each other better, and also, participants enjoyed in learning more about the other people in the group. The team building activities and the session of sharing experiences were a great asset to the entire day. We also talked about the project program and the methodology. The Erasmus+ program presentation and the Youthpass presentation were done more in a form of discussion since all participants had experience in the field.

During this first day, it was more than obvious that the project has a great atmosphere. We placed the participants in a position of young people who need to take notes of their daily activity and the learning dimension. Our special forms, characteristic for GET INNOVATION were delivered to them.

P.S. Hotel “Sirok Sokak” in Bitola was a great location. Besides being in the heart of Bitola, everyone was also able to enjoy the great ambient of the hotel and the multicultural surrounding that this city offers.