Europe Maker Week 2016 in Bitola fully organized by the Macedonia Team!

As an announcement to the Erasmus+ project Digital Europe, European Maker Week was organizedĀ in Bitola! We joined 28 European countries and over 480 events that this week that are organized all around Europe! Visit the workshops in Bitola in the frames of EMWeek 2016 on May 30th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd June at the educational center on address: Cane Vasilev 15. The FabLab at GET INNOVATION Bitola was launched on May 30th!!! Young people from Bitola were able to attend new and interesting concept of workshops. On the first workshop (30th May), there were driving simulations which gave to the young people the opportunity to fully experience the world of the drivers. The second workshop (1st June) was dedicated to the world and the power of the make-up, and the young people, who were present, gained practical tips for better look. On the third workshop (2nd June), the place was transformed into musical studio, so that the young people could experience, and be part of the whole process of producing a song. During the fourth workshop (3rd June), the young people gained knowledge about the latest possibilities and trends that are provided by several applications for smart phones.