Participants Essays!

Participants at “Get Ready 4 Media” project were extremely interesting and inspired, and we all enjoyed their love for writing. They wrote so many stories about the country, the project, the people they met and media!
These stories are just part of the experiences that the visit to Macedonia brought to participants, and the uniqueness of the visit they had at this project.

Take a look of the great stories written for the project:

Influence of Movies by Elena, Anne and Marija

We all know how much media affect our lives, but how much do movies influence us? Can they change the way of thinking?
Movies develop a story with audio and images, so the viewer is involved in the plot pretending that fiction becomes reality and spending 2 hours of the day in this type of art.
Movies have many effects on the viewer’s way of thinking, for example, on his behavior or values. Movies can create trends and fashions in the way we are pressing or we do our hair, making something familiar because you keep seeing it.
Trends created by movies are not only in our appearance, but also in our minds.
This is the biggest influence that movies can have on us – changing the way of thinking, transmitting certain kind of values, creating new trends. Movies can inspire you: you see a movie and then you can be pushed in doing something or you can be told what is good and what is bad, but these are only prejudices.
Another topic connected to the role of movies in reality is the influence of American films, because in the western culture a high percentage of movies come from the USA. In fact, Hollywood production can afford special effects and big advertising, especially compared to the national movie production.
Because of the strong presence of American movies, we are all very influenced by American way of thinking and acting in every aspect of our lives.

Volunteering by Marija

Volunteering is generally considered as selfless activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life. Volunteering is also recognized for skill development, socialization and fun. It is considered a major boost to a CV if a young person has done volunteering work abroad, and there are many opportunities that are available. For example, the Erasmus+ is a program which offers young people the opportunity to make a difference through the European Voluntary Service.
From my own personal experience, being a volunteer is beneficial in many levels. International learning and knowledge has made me accept and understand different cultural and community perspectives. Language development is achieved as well throughout practice. The most noticeable change after volunteering is the self-development and enhances self-confidence and self-esteem. You feel more mature and filled with necessity to confront challenges outside your comfort zone. I find myself more comfortable in “foreign” environments and I have gained lifelong friendships which is priceless.
I would recommend volunteering to everyone, it is a rich experience that can only add to life.

Change of technology by Italian participants

What are we? 20 years ago we would have said that we are what we eat. Now we are our phone, we are our tweet, our Facebook profile… When we were younger we used to hear stull like “when I was young I didn’t have a PC, or this or that”. Now we are those people. When we were 5 we would expect to have let’s say and iPad. Something so thin that can do so much stuff. We were not even thinking about that, maybe because even it is a smart object we didn’t really need it. You can see that I am not big fans of technology, but the people in my group think differently. In thousand years we made great steps to the modern time. Those were the changes we really need: lights everywhere, medical devices and computers. But I think we are getting lost in the process. What is the use of making another smartphone? We are going in the wrong direction spending millions over useless applications instead of focusing on the new problems like pollution, hunger, security.

About the project “Get Ready 4 Media” by Federica

It was late at the night when I arrived. It was cold and we don’t know what to do or where to go. Lovely Ana is there waiting for us, warmest welcome. It is freezing but my roommate hugs me and makes it better. What is going to happen tomorrow? Will the activities be interesting? I don’t want to be late, everybody will stare at me. I woke up, I am late of course, entering the room and pretty Mazek is smiling at me, he even gives me his place at the table there, and the conversation makes the place look so familiar and cozy. “The name game”: The names are hard and even if I repeat them like parrot I am sure I’m not gonna remember them. Ana introduce the program and everybody is exited.
When we wake up we see the beautiful lake. It’s breathtaking. You can see little groups coming up, mostly are made of people of the same nationality. The program goes by schedule and I am sure we all learned something new, but the moment we are waiting is the night. We go out, dance and meet the locals. Interesting subjects, they look as they do not see many new people frequently. Ana is very busy; her second in command is Emilija. She is amazing, and she is going to become my best friend, I am sure. My roommates are amazing. Marija got me a job for the summer; Marinela listens to my crazy stories and doesn’t judge me. Elena, like the other Italians, is my soul mate. On day 5 we go to Ohrid. One of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen. The pictures or the words could never describe what the view is making inside of us. The day goes fast and we have chance to talk to people we ignored during the week. They are amazing. Tonight we have the presentation of Poland. Great country and even greater people, and I don’t say it only because they are hot. Everybody is tired, someone sleeps, but the others don’t want to waste time. We have to use every moment and steal everything we can from the others, a hug, a conversation, a kiss. The project ain’t over yet, but in hours we will take different paths. Kiss goodbye and promise we won’t lose contact. Probably we will. We are busy and we will get sick from life but I am sure nobody will forget this exchange. The freezing cold that makes a hug. The bad internet connection that makes us talk and get to know each other. Karo’s beautiful smile, Silvia’s attempts to speak English, Emilia’s sarcasm, and the lake, beautiful and wild – just like us.

Macedonia my love by Anastasia
It is very difficult to explain my feelings about what I take away from Macedonia. I have never seen such romanticism in other countries. I had only heard about Balkans from Kusturica’s films (It is very sad that in Europe and Russia people don’t hear a lot about Balkan). Kusturica is one of my favorite directors! I think that he has the perfect amount of humor and fantasy! But now I know it isn’t fantasy!!! Wonderful landscapes with poor and broken houses, on every balcony there are clothes drying. People are very friendly. In Skopje, everyone was ready to help me with finding restaurants and other places. In one restaurant, the waiter didn’t tend to me and my order – he was talking with his friends! So I had to wait a long time to be hard, but they were very nice. In Radozda, people gave me some traditional drinks and dishes just because I have Russian origin! In Ohrid, one man asked my name, lit a candle before the icon, and then sent my name to Mars! CRAZY AND NICE MACEDONIANS!
I bought a lot of presents for my family made from Ohrid pearls. I spent all of my money, but was happy to have such good presents. A few minutes later, the barmen said that such pearls are from China. I just laughed…
Churches in Ohrid are amazing, I never felt so calm. I fell in love with this country. There are a lot of powerty, but I think without it Macedonia may lose its romanticism. I want to make a movie about Macedonia, to make it popular all around the world!

Journalism by Dariusz

Journalism is a part of art, well first we should ask what is art, and what not?
The art is the kind of human soul, dreams and our imagination which we can create in reality. The art is free and should stay free for everyone and forever.
Journalism as a part of art shouldn’t reduce anyone to create own vision about the world, that’s very important if we wanna have free media.
No one should limit our dreams. Some like sculpture, painting and others handworks. Journalism has got a special message for all people. This is a communication system which let us communicate with all world.
That is why media should be free, if they are not true and authentic, we are not able to call them art. There where we don’t have free media, we have contact with propaganda. It is the best way to control and manipulate all society. And now we see how big influence have mass media in our life.
Media are able to show us reality how they want it. If they don’t want to say all true, they can hide it, and present other things. Media can manage a public opinion, if they want they can damage our opinion and perceptions about everything. Sometimes, if they want or if they have a need, they can control our mind. There are a lot of countries which use mass media to control society before voting!
It is very important to keep our perceptions and opinion about the current world. There is always one or two persons who can control everything, even our mind keep attention!

Keep attention if you want to believe in media or believe in yourself and own knowledge.