Change happens in people!

The sixth day of the project program started with energizers and the morning evaluation as all of the previous days.

After this segment, we were pleased to host Ms. Anica Zlatevska, psychologist and author of a book elaborating the topic of children refugees supported by UNICEF. Ms Zlatevska had a truly motivational and interactive workshop with the participants, detecting their final thoughts about the refugee crisis and migration, and their reactions. She explained more about the psychological effects of the situation on the people who are refugees. She spoke about the feelings of refugees, how we should be aware of them, and how people can contribute as individuals. Ms. Zlatevska was surprised by the knowledge and engagement of the participants, and detected that they advanced so much in terms of getting the full understanding of the situation and the issues. The evening part of the day was fully dedicated to finishing all project outputs. The video team fought with the wind that made some problems for the audio, the publication team was collecting so many information, the media team was working on the coverage by televisions and was sharing the information on social media, the essay team helped all other teams and participated in videos. So much work was done!

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