Inspire and Aspire for Change!

Inspired by what they learned from the previous day, the participants proceeded with their creative activities during the second project day. The morning session, after the energizers, started with the researches that participants did in their countries on the topic of refugees and migration. They were able to start explaining more about their stats and also think how this information will be presented in the project publication. Participants also were divided in groups and started working on 4 fields: essay writing, social media, video editing team and team that will create the full project publication. The second part of the morning session was the comics workshop facilitated by Martin Jakimovski, artist and painter. Martin explained the participants more about the importance of comics, about their messages and how comics are one of the voices of the society. The participants worked in groups on creating comics on the topic of migration and refugees. We got tremendous comics created by the people which are part of the project publication. The stories elaborated the perception of the people about this burning issue, the needs of the refugees, and stories of migrations around the world.

During the evening session of the project, the Refugee Committee, UNHCR and other international bodies and institutions that work on international level on the topics of migrations and refugees were elaborated. The participants were able to learn about the process of functioning of the Refugee Committee, and to discuss more about the need of institutional support on these matters.


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